In my early studying periods I started making shapes of humans and animals  from pieces of wood, this hobby didn’t come from hollow or from a coincidence but it came from my working at the carpentering workshop which my brothers own , and that was the thing which made me enter the world of fine art.

I was sculpting human and animals shapes on wood in my free time at the workshop, and that was my only enjoyment and hobby. Then I realized that the small pieces of wood are no longer enough for my growing little talent, so I decided to sculptor the tree branches which I was having from farms and from the ships workshops , and that gave me more space in sculpting.

Because my house was near the see, I was taking the advantage of that by taking the scattered easy to sculpture rocks from the beach to sculptor them and show them in the school’s exhibitions with my friends, and that was my only way to show my art pieces to take more enthusiasm to continue my hobby.

When I graduated from high school, my brothers and my arts teachers enthused me to continue my studying, so I studied for two years in the High Institute for Teachers (Ala'aly institute)  – department of fine arts , and my major was carpentering , then I worked in Alno’aym school for two years teaching fine arts to the secondary students and carpentering to the intermediate students.

At 1976 I traveled to Cairo to continue my fine arts studying at The College of Fine Arts- department of sculpting , during my studying in Egypt I met lots of artists and visited exhibitions , in addition I participated in the college’s exhibition with the other college students , also I won prizes in sculpting. I was nominated with some friends of mine from the college to visit Britain and France at 1980 to visit the British and French artists and there studios for a month.

When I graduated from college at 1981 I worked at Bahrain National Museum from 1981 to 1983 , then I worked in Ministry of Education as a fine arts teacher.

I participated in the annual exhibitions which the Ministry of Information organizing since 1976 until now, in addition I participated in Bahrain Society For Modern Arts , and Bahrain Pottery Society.    

I have obtained several thanking certificates in many art shows . Additionally , I have works of Arts in Bahrain, Kuwait, Emirates, Oman, Cairo, United Kingdom, and China.